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Wheel alignment software

Josam Homebase 4 (I-track II & Tyre Manager)

Josam Homebase 3 (I-track I, Laser AM, Truckaligner II/180 & Tyre Manager)


Cam-aligner for Mercedes-Benz

LDW calibration software for MAN

Software for digital axle weighing scales

JosamWeigh, 1.7.3 (Zip archive)

Software registration

To register a Homebase plugin, go to

Support software

Teamviewer quick support

By running TeamViewer QuickSupport you can get software support from JOSAM through remote desktop sharing.

  1. Download TeamViewer QuickSupport and start it. TeamViewer QuickSupport does not have to be installed and can be executed without Windows administrator rights.
  2. Note the user ID and password. These will be used by JOSAM in order to connect to your computer.

Bluetooth Diagnose

Bluetooth Diagnose allows you to diagnose your Bluetooth connection without installing Homebase.

  1. Download Bluetooth Diagnose, unzip it and run the installer.

Spare parts catalogue

Download spare parts catalogue (PDF).

JOSAM laser AM report sheets

AM40 – Frame report, trucks
AM40 – Frame report, trucks (fillable PDF)
AM41 – Frame report, trailers/semi-trailers
AM39-1 – Calculate wheel angles, trucks
AM39-1 – Calculate wheel angles, trailers/semi-trailers

Note: AM1855 software is the modern way of calculating and printing report sheets with Laser AM. However, the PDF reports above are a perfect complement when operating without a PC in the workshop.