Frame Press


The JOSAM alignment system is founded on the principle of l-beams cast in the workshop floor. Combined with the JOSAM service pit it makes the ideal working area for straightening heavy and light trucks, trailers and buses.

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cab tower

Damage repair of higher vehicles and cabs

In order to straighten higher vehicle units and bodies, the existing JOSAM frame press equipment can be extended with towers. The press and counterstay trolleys normally used for frame straightening become the base for the cab towers.

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cab bench

Cab repair for all brands of truck cabs

The JOSAM cab bench consists of a rigid base which is anchored to beams in the workshop floor. Movable mounting points make it easier to mount even severely damaged cabs. The cab is pushed and pulled into its correct horizontal position with the help of two movable hydraulic rams and special fixtures.

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Collision repair accessories

For Josam’s collision repair systems there are certain parts, equipment and accessories that are unique for only one system. Other products are general equipment which is used in all of the collision repair systems.

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